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    XBox One Might be making its own Gaikai!

    In 2014, Sony will be introducing a feature on the PS4 that we thought Microsoft would be unable to match. That feature is backwards compatibility.

    Sony’s backwards compatibility will be different from what we have come to expect, though. Instead of including the required hardware and or software to run games from previous consoles, Sony instead will turn on the Gaikai servers and allow us to stream those games and play them through its next gen console. That also means, if Sony allows it, you could play previous generation PlayStation games on the PS Vita, smartphones, tablets, and maybe even through a web browser.

    I say we thought Microsoft couldn’t match that feature, but it looks as though the company is busy developing its own version of Gaikai for Xbox One.

    Sony took the easy and expensive route by acquiring Gaikai back in 2012 for $380 million. Microsoft on the other hand is developing its solution internally, and will no doubt be using its Azure cloud infrastructure to help make such a service possible.

    So how far along is Microsoft in developing this cloud game streaming service? Pretty far I’d say. Apparently they are already demonstrating a version of Halo 4 playing on both Windows Phone devices and PCs. Inevitably, if Microsoft releases this as a service it will be for Windows devices. As for how fast it is, current builds run games with a 45ms delay on smartphones.

    It seems unlikely Microsoft will beat Sony to market and is apparently referring to the streaming service as just a prototype internally right now. But for anyone concerned about how they are going to continue playing their 360 games a few years from now, Microsoft may have an answer soon that doesn’t require you to own a functioning Xbox 360.
    Sounds like this could be really good news for those grabbing an Xbox One
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    i'd have said there own OnLive rather than Gaikai.

    but MS spending billions on cloud inferstructure was surely going to include the capabilities to do that across all it's devices.

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    Not surprised at all since digital is the future anyway.

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