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    Help me pick a monitor

    currently I use my TV with my PC for gaming but im going to need to switch to a monitor here in a few months.

    I have 4 options i'm juggling between
    1. 27" Korean 2560x1440 ips $400
    2. 30" Dell 2560x1600 ips $1,000
    3. 29" AoC 2560x1080 ips cinemawide $400
    4. 23" x3 AoC 1920x1080 $200 each frameless triple display

    maybe different brands but those or sort of the options

    im leaning towards the Korean ips because of the good reviews and hear i can overclock to around 100Hz

    the cinema widescreen would be sort of nice with no bezel but the space of two screens

    dell is the biggest with highest resolution but lower ppi vs the 1440

    and really I could most likely pick any 1920x1080 size to do triple monitor but bezel annoyance
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    Glossy 1920 X 1080: Dell S2440L

    If you don't mind heavier antiglare coating ,I'd recommended the Asus PA248Q/QJ for a 1920 x 1200 resolution monitor. If you want a lighter antiglate coating then I would look at the dell U2413.

    For a 2560 X 1600 monitor, I'd go with the Dell U3014.

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