Ok I am really hoping someone can help me here. I have been a member of playstation plus but the membership just expired the other day. During the time I was a member I got Borderlands for free as part of the Instant Game Collection. I also purchased the Borderlands Bundle when it was on sale during April 2013 which included Borderlands & Borderlands 2. I had a feeling I was going to have an issue with this when I noticed after I purchased the bundle that there was still an expiration date on Borderlands. I deleted the game re-downloaded and installed it and it still had the expiration date but I figured its not really a big deal because I will always have a plus membership. When my PS+ membership expired I checked to see if I could play it and I was unable to and when I went it to the PS store it wanted me to repurchase the game for $19.99.

Here is where things really become interesting, so I went and purchased another 3 months of PS+ today. When I went to see if I could play Borderlands not only was it not showing up as something I owned being that I purchased it with the bundle but now even with the renewed PS+ subscription it wasn't showing up as being part of my Instant Game Collection!

So naturally I called the customer support service and they had this to tell me; I spoke with a gentleman and he didn't know why I was having a problem. He put me on hold and came back and said that he could give me a refund for $20.99 which is what I paid for the Borderlands Bundle when on sale in April but that I would not be able to play either game and that I needed to repurchase the game which they don't even sell the bundle because it was a special deal. So I'd have to pay $19.99 for Borderlands and another $29.99 for Borderlands 2. So they wanted me to pay $50 bucks for something I had already paid for; obviously I was not ok with this and asked to speak to someone higher up. I was then connected to a woman and she basically restated what this other guy had said, but also was saying that I could contact the developer about this issue. I asked why would I have to contact the developer when this is clearly something at fault on your side.

All I wanted was to have what I legally paid for and the best you say you can do is credit me and then ask me to pay more than double what I paid for originally. Why couldn't they just give me the credit of $19.99 that I could pay for Borderlands again not even spend it on other things or at least unlock Borderlands as I had paid for it. She said that there are specialists that weren't in and the next time they'd be in is Monday. After a while speaking with this woman she said there is nothing she could do and I will admit I was a little rude by then being frustrated with this entire situation I asked to be connected to her supervisor and she said yes and that she'd put me on hold which then I was just disconnected SURPRISINGLY......

I plan to call back on Monday, has anyone had something similar happen to them or does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could do to remedy this situation? It really is just a matter of principle at this point I didn't beat Borderlands but was 75% done with the game and most likely won't go back to it because I have an incredibly long back log but that is besides the fact; I have paid for something and now no longer have access to it and the best they can do for me is take away the stuff. I have spent a lot of money with Playstation and am pretty disappointed this is how they are handling the situation. Any comments are welcome.