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    Sony Santa Monica hiring for critical project and an unannounced title.

    Many have been wondering what Sony Santa Monica has been up to, especially considering that no official game for the PS4 has been announced yet. Looks like the gears are grinding in sunny California, as the company is hiring for a couple position that reveal an upcoming unannounced game (or games) and apparently one of “critical” importance for the studio.

    The first position is for a Lead Concept Artist that will “take the reins of the visual development of a critical project from early stage exploration through to final release.” Considering that he’ll be required to follow the title from early stage exploration, it’s safe to assume that we’re talking about a yet unannounced project.

    The second position is for a Senior Level Designer for an “unannounced title”. Even here we’re talking about someone required to handle “Level design from concept to implementation to shippable completion”, so it’s most probable that the project is in its earliest stages of development.

    Below you can see a couple screencaps of the two job offerings (since Sony’s Career page doesn’t allow linking, for some reason). Are the two position for the same project or for two separate ones? and what will it (they?) be? We’ll have to wait and see about that, but something is boiling in the cauldron.

    I really do wonder what these games could be and I'm hoping for some HUGE games with lots of gameplay. This is going to drive me nuts and my mind will start getting the better of me.
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