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    Beyond: Two Souls GameStop Special Edition Preorder

    If like me you played the Beyond demo and decided it's a day one and tripped out the door today to go preorder the Special Edition (steelbook case, extra gameplay, etc.) they may tell you they aren't taking preorders on the Special Edition anymore. Check the GameStop website. Beyond is a pickup-at-retail-store preorder option game and you can't even preorder the standard retail edition version -- plastic case, no extras -- of the game, even if you that's what you want, you hate steelbook cases, whatever. So, certainly no promises because I'm not a retail psychic, but if you go preorder and they tell you that you won't get the SE for your preorder this late, it's likely the SE is really just a launch day/week edition for GameStop, and SEs are the only versions of Beyond they'll get in stock on launch day. You'll get an SE because SEs are all they'll get shipped.

    Per the publisher's own recent PR plug at on Sept. 27 you still had more than week to preorder at GameStop to get the SE. GameStop staff may not know what Sony is shipping but Sony probably knows what Sony is shipping.

    If you flat refuse to buy from GameStop unless you're getting some SE perks thrown in, you may want to skip the preorder and buy elsewhere, but odds are if you preorder any time up until they stop taking preorders -- probably this weekend or even as late as Monday noon -- you'll get the SE.

    My local GameStop folks are quite nice and try to be helpful, and they're not high-pressure preorder stormtroopers, but as many of us have come to expect from most GameStop employees, they usually don't have a clue.
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