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I think you're pretty spot on with how it's gonna open up, there is no HDD bay this time round that's pretty obvious this time, it's gonna require people to slide the top panel off the system to reveal the HDD which is most likely sitting on the left side of the console( front on) behind the optical drive towards the back right of the system when looking at ports behind in a horizontal setting, I honestly believe the HDD will sit at the back near the optical drive this time that's what I'm betting on. if not at the back of the optical drive, slightly to the side of it at the front but it more than likely wont be anywhere near the USB ports at the front or the main component side (the USB port side) too much heat on that side, so it has to sit on the left side near the optical drive.... all speculation but I hope I'm right.

I don't think the HDD is going to be as simple to replace this time round, and I don't think the HDD will be limited to 9.5 mm drives, I actually believe that the HDD won't sit in the usual 9.5mm caddy, I think it will sit in a universal caddy that will support 12.5 and 15mm 2.5inch drives, that is what I'm honestly starting to think at this point.

Sony will not limit the storage to 1TB, this is a console we're going to be using for the next 7-8 years, it will have to support large capacity HDD's, the most I've seen a 9.5mm drive go up to at the moment (at least in Australia) is 1.5TB and that won't be enough by the second year, I'm honestly believing they will have something special waiting to be revealed under that panel.

given the weight of the console, it's quite possible that the console could feature a standard 3.5inch drive, but more than likely that won't be the case, as these drives are more susceptible to shock and failure so it's more than likely a laptop type drive.

can't wait to see what's been fooling us all this time.
I was *thinking* the hard drive cover is actually going to be at the front of the console next to the USB ports, I may be completely wrong, but if you drop the image in photoshop and enhance the colors, etc. you can see that there is a spot where it looks like it will go (on the right hand side in the horizontal position). I may be 100% wrong, so until it actually comes out or unless they announce something we won't know for sure! I would hope that Sony would stick with a hard drive slot since I don't imagine they would want everyone and their mother popping open the console like that just to access the hard drive.