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Thread: Need help..

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    Need help..

    Hoping one of you guys can help me out.
    I've been trying to play online with a friend of mine for the entire night. I've managed to host a mission, invite my friend and launch the job. But we keep ending up on different teams. How the F do you play co-op missions? I want to team up with my friend, not fight against him. For the life of me, I can't figure this out.
    Hope someone has some pointers..
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    Co-op missions come up on your phone in the jobs list from characters such as Simeon and Gerald. Generally the Simeon missions are car repossessions and Geralds are drug related.

    I can't remember if you need to be a certain rank for these to start appearing though.

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    Yeah as said before I would call "Gerald" from the In game phone and he will give you the missions where you and your friend can play on missions together

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