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    My first game of DUST 514 in a month...WOW!

    I just loaded this badboy up after a month of rock solid FFXIV addiction to check out the new build and I am so impressed with how the game is shaping up. Graphically the game just looks ever prettier. Character and vehicle textures are nice, the controls feel really good, the game's stable and update 1.5 continues to take this F2P game in amazing places.

    There have also been a number of REALLY cool QOL things added like WP rewards for counter hacking, destroying hives and uplinks, having people you scan killed by your team, taking people in dropships and more.

    With the new levels and redesigned existing levels, it feels fresh again. Some of the new variations like the reasearch lab look amazing.

    We can now join corp squads who are already in more waiting in the lobby like some lonely retard.

    The sound is a lot better and the battlefield sounds better in general.

    Man, guys, jump back in and check it out...the polish is starting to show. Also, check out the recent interviews we had with the new Executive Producer and the Creative Director.

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    I wish I could, if only fall semester would end. But hey, it sounds like Dust 514 is coming along nicely.

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