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    hi guys ,i m italian and i m new of the forum. does anyone knowif the gang attack number 18, the one located in the underpass, has been removed? because i don t find it

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    I think number 3 has been removed, (vespucci ave), i've been there in all 3 time periods and no gang members or red area on map were there, i'll try a few more times to see if it was a 1 time bug / glitch

    Edit: just read the last post on previous page, i'll try it again next lvl, (45)

    Update: i am now lvl 51 and some attacks are still not showing up

    numbers 3,6,15,18,22,23,28,38,41,43,46,49,53 and 55

    although i never had problems with 32,36,51 or 58, even when lower level, go figure
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    Hi guys question for ye all. My nephew has asked me to download onto a USB a prog that enables him to MOD on his GTA5 online. I have downloaded all this stuff onto sub but it seems to add it I need to have the games loaded onto the PS3 hard drive and I can't seem to do this unless I have jailbroken the PS3. Am I making any sense here. What do ye recommend

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