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    You do realize only one of the three games suggested in the OP was a first party game right? Beyond Two Souls and Ni No Kuni where at best second party exclusives. Sony doesn't really have to much of a say in when those games where released or how they were developed. More, they both started development long before PS4 dev kits where even ready, perhaps even before there was any hint of them. And while they would be nice on the new system, that wasn't the best financial decision. Ni No Kuni suggests that I may finally get to play a real anime one day though, so what they do next gen will be interesting.

    As for The Last of Us, I think it says a lot of very good things about how Naughty Dog is maturing as a game developer and as story tellers, which should carry over quite well into the next generation. I suspect TLOU was also a lot about keeping the second team busy/giving them some needed experience while the other team starts work on PS4 engines, development tools and whatever their new IP will be. If ND's teams can make a game like TLOU on the PS3 it will be very interesting to see what they can do on PS4.

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    Me personally as far as GT6 goes glad it's on PS3. One for the simple fact of the disaster GT5 was, and two it has a bigger install base on PS3 right now, and last GT always(at least now) has a two GT's per console release glad to see that not broken.

    The other games like someone said they started working on those games way before PS4 devkits had even come out heck looking at Beyond: TS Heavy Rain came out like 3 years ago, and I'm certain right after that game wrapped up the creator had already had an idea about Beyond maybe a year later, or somewhere around that time, and even at that point PS4 was still just being speculated upon. There was a no concrete info on a PS4 or Xbox One.

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