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    My Gaming channel (feedback needed)

    Hey everyone James here i started a gaming channel with a few friends and could use some feedback to improve! - thank you!

    What videos do you make?:
    We mostly do let's plays, first impressions on new and old games + any other crap we may think of!

    What program do you use to record?:
    We mostly use Action! for PC as it records sound as a separate file also Kaylan uses a Elgato game capture HD to record Console gameplay

    What microphone do you use?:
    Me (James) a Earforce X12 (Michael) uses a Blue snowball mic and Kaylan uses a very old mic that i have no idea what is called... -_-

    What program do you use to edit?:
    Well i (James) use Sony Vegas to edit the sound and then use Camtasia Studio 8 to edit the rest of the video.
    Micheal uses Camtasia Studio 8 for everything and Kaylan uses Sony Vegas for his videos.

    Channel link:

    -If this is the wrong place to post this do move it or delete it, thank you!
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