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    AMD + Microsoft - Collaborating for Great Performance and User Experience with

    Windows 8.1 Provides Performance Boost To AMD APU's. Take a look at the performance charts inside.

    As we seek ways to optimize performance in the PC world, it is important to remember that results are impacted by three things: the underlying hardware, the software running on that hardware, and the device driver.

    While enhancements to any one of these can boost performance, the greatest return is made possible when these elements are improved simultaneously and optimized for each other. That is why we at AMD are so committed to strategic software relationships. These long term investments support the development of key operating system, tools, and applications that result in a continuous stream of benefits, some obvious and some subtle.

    Probably none are clearer than those derived from the decades-long collaboration between AMD and Microsoft. This relationship often delivers clear advantages--the adoption by Microsoft of AMD64 as its 64-bit extension for Windows and all x86-64 CPU products certainly stands out. That collaboration advanced both the performance and capability of the PC platform, a goal which continues to drive the alliance between AMD and Microsoft.

    With today's release of Windows 8.1, we are able to shine the spotlight on some updated benefits. Thanks to the dedicated AMD technical staff that works on site alongside critical developers and product groups at Microsoft, we are already seeing some nice performance gains over the previous Windows release. In fact, we are seeing up to 9.5% better performance on the same hardware1!
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    uuummmmm...Fried Beer iis a reality.

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    Good find Sith.

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    Soo... if I break it down to a simple man, myself for example, better drivers?

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    And SONY makes Vaio PC's and Laptops featuring MS Windows 8.1 and AMD Chips...

    Nice try guys.

    AMD 'drivers' will be made for both platforms, the PS4 drivers are slightly easier to maintain due to less specialized hardware pieces.

    This is an AMD processors are still slower than Intel processors PR article, lol.

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