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    Dualshock 4 impressions, played on Mass Effect PS3 (EXPLICIT CONTENT)

    So the other day i got my hands on the DS4 from Gamestop and hadnt really had any time to play around with it, so i spent a bit of my night off playing around with it. The DS4 can only be used as long as its plugged into the console via micro USB. I cant tell if the controller charges itself while its plugged in. And as previously stated, the PS button does not work, and this controller does not work wirelessly. Hopefully that will be fixed with a software update sometime down the road, but i wouldnt hold my breath.

    This is without a doubt the most comfortable controller ive personally held in my life, bumping the original Xbox's japanese controller down to number 2.

    Everything is the same as a DS3, but everything is different. And thats a great thing. Your going to pick this controller up and know how it works directly out of the box. Its a little bit wider than the DS3, the sticks are a little smaller as well. That said, because the controller is a little bit wider, my thumbs actually rested naturally on the sticks.

    Everyones favorite part. The triggers. They are triggers. Dont let what sony says about plopping your controller down and netflix skipping fool you.. thats still going to happen. just not as much. If youre like me, youre gonna press play, and just toss the controller off to the side and regret it every time as you skip 2 chapters on a movie. Thats probably going to happen, but it just wont happen as often, as they are designed very well. They feel really good, and holding the controller where you have a finger on each one of the top buttons seems much more likely than it did before. The entire controller IS that much more comfortable, and those 2 fingers actually do rest quite naturally on the shoulder buttons and triggers.

    As is always the case, the options button replaces start, and the share button replaces select. no use so far for the touch pad.

    And because i can, 14 days till i get my PS4. Take that Europe. Stop using the letter U where its not needed.
    MURICA, $#@! YEAH

    Tacos Rule!

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    they put a "s" on the end of math for some reason as well. lol

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    Good review, can't wait to get my hands on the bad boy and see how different it feels! (no puns please) lol
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