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    Indiana Hunter decides his fate

    Quote Originally Posted by Yahoo
    Tim Bowers loved the outdoors. Hunting gave him the quiet time during which he could reflect on a busy life that included a new wife, a successful business and a baby on the way. The Indiana man was enjoying that time while hunting for deer Saturday when he fell 16 feet from a tree and suffered a severe spinal injury that paralyzed him from the shoulders down. Doctors thought he might never breathe on his own again. Confronted with that prognosis, Bowers' family made an unusual request of doctors at Fort Wayne's Lutheran Hospital: Could Bowers be brought out of sedation and told of his condition so he could decide for himself whether he wanted to live or die?
    Link to continue story HERE

    Just tears you to pieces. Don't know if I could've made a decision. But I thought I'd share because I've never heard of a story like this one. And hopefully, I won't have to hear anymore like this one. Just thought that was wild.

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    Paralyzed from the neck down, can't even breath for myself? Hm, I choose death, easy.
    Initially everyone would be sad but in all honesty, you living would only prevent real happiness, the wife could remarry, the kids would honestly be better off without a dad than one that only detracts from their life experience.
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