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    Quote Originally Posted by PBM View Post
    Spybot sucks now. Just saying. It used to be great and now it's a bloated piece of crap.
    Not used spybot for years, no need, every time I did the scans they came up blank since i started using Nod32.

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    Common Sense 2013 is the best anti-virus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by x6Teen View Post
    hi pod

    hows your broken arm
    That was over two years ago! Actually I have to keep the muscles in the arm stretched out. It gets stiff otherwise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by podsaurus View Post
    Oops no I'm fine! Probably should have said 'my pc' not 'I'.

    The first thing I got rid of was 'ividi.' That was the one sending my to other sites so whatever that add-on was it was something similar to that I assume.

    EDIT: I don't remember what the add-on was but I believe it was something about iVIDI.
    Yeah Ividi isn't something you want, I see it all the time on ads from file-sharing websites.

    Quote Originally Posted by DreDayDetox View Post
    Try also uninstalling it from control panel. Then do another full scan and restart. Or same steps, but do it in safe mode. Don't go to a computer shop, they literally do the exact same things you would if you Google it.

    I had a "search conduit" virus from downloading a program off of $#@!ing CNET of all places that installed so much adware which was to convert AIFF to MP3 files.
    I would never put a computer in a repair shop, completely useless for most users. If I needed someone, I'd only get a service that comes to you so you see everything that goes on.

    CNET is getting bad, I just started finding out about freeware on there being loaded up with yucky stuff and I always read a ton of comments and stuff before continuing. They missed the Orbit Downloader "scandal" long after it was already too late. CNET is funny, they hate linux too. That's CBS I guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by robvandam111 View Post
    I thought the same thing. Didn't even bother opening up.

    Anyway, I had similar situation during the summer. I was going to download this YUGIOH program until I had click on the wrong button. Opened up Internet Explorer and notice all the ads hay-wiring epidemically; and it went to sites such as Youtube plus the forum I was getting the download from. Apparently, I was terrified because this is my (probably 8th or 10th computer in the house), so I didn't want to let crash or anything. It was simple, I had the ad-ware uninstalled from the "Computer" section of the start button. Thankfully, I was saved.
    Yu-Gi-Oh! programs are bad, a decade ago I downloaded some viruses that way. It appears some things never change!! 10th computer though? Whoa...

    Quote Originally Posted by DreDayDetox View Post
    What Keefy said, and if a software developer is a decent person, he/she will include a "custom" button in the install screen so you can see what to install and leave out.

    The one I got, I declined the offers but one and it installed everything. Had to uninstall, remove from add-ons in Chrome and use MBAM. It did the trick, but never again. And this is from CNET. You would think they would post safe software, not adware. The program itself did do what I wanted, which was to convert AIFF files to MP3, but not without the intended ADWARE!

    Now, my MBAM scans usually show "PUP" in my scans if I don't do them weekly. I hope that's just unharmful adware and not Spyware.
    I notice that a lot more software has these installers that are either checked automatically (not a problem) or allows you to uncheck and then the software still goes ahead anyways and installs the unwanted trash!! Happens with FoxIt Reader now, even the older versions which is why I used an early 2011 version. Programmers that do that are devilish.

    Also I knew what the thread was about right away based on the title (computer issue).

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