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    SE500 Short - Frozenbyte talk the Future of PS4

    Uploaded a sneak peak from our interview with Frozenbyte, at Digiexpo 2013.
    Thank you Shafty for the question and I hope you all enjoy.
    We have the full interview coming very soon so keep an eye open.

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    That green shirt is not flattering...

    Thanks for the interview, though!

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    OMG Sony already has BADASS 3D kung fu. Titles like Uncharted 3, Batman: AC and Ass Creed: Revelations all had magnificent 3D application that offered awesome depth perception. I'm a very visual guy so having the illusion of depth as I was flying through AC as Batman or Escaping some crashing, burning vehicle as Drake equated to eyegasms for me.

    BUT...there there were a lot of games that had ghosting which is where you can see a shadow of the imagine. It's mostly because two eyes are looking at the one screen which is presenting both layers for the depth. 3D will be a LOT better on PS4 than what it was on PS3 due to the hi tech it contains. With Sonys existing head mounted headset, they removed ghosting as each eye had its own screen anyway.

    Now...NOW here's where $#@! gets interesting...cause I got to try CCPs Oculus Rift tech demo, what now has become Valyrie, at Fanfest this year. This demo is considered by all who have tried it as the most advanced and impressive demo for the head set. CCP was a substantial financial backer to OR and gave input on its development so this clearly helped. But suffice it to say, it was AMAZING. It worked exactly how you'd want it to and was really a glimpse into the future of gaming. Looking around in that $#@!pit was surreal. I imagine one day Valkyrie will join DUST 514 and EVE Online on the super server Tranquility as part of the super connected EVE Universe.

    Reveal trailer:

    Sorry, I can't embed for some reason.

    So, Sony has been working on VR for years and was working with an FPS demo some years ago so I guess PS4 was the era the tech would surface so I'm guessing we will see 2 headsets on the market...but Sony's will be better built to integrate into its tech. In any case:

    3D + Virtual reality = next next gen.

    Sony aren't mucking around with its "best place to play" mantra.
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