So does anybody know what happens to the Free Fall map when you do the PS3 disc to PS4 digital upgrade purchase for COD Ghosts? The PS3 disc comes with the Free Fall map code and of course the PS4 upgrade code. If I redeem the Free Fall map code for PS3, do I get the Free Fall map with the PS4 upgrade? Do I redeem the code again for the PS4 digital version? As in, the map code is good once for each platform, not just once, period. I haven't redeemed the PS3 map code, figuring I should just wait until I know for sure, but if the code only works for the PS3 retail disc version and can't be redeemed with the upgraded PS4 digital copy even if the code wasn't already used for the PS3 map, I suppose I should just go ahead and redeem it.

Or something. Anyway, if anyone knows, do tell. Otherwise, if you bought the PS3 Ghosts retail disc and you are going to do the PS4 upgrade at launch, what did you do with the Free Fall map code packed in with the PS3 retail disc? Saved it or redeemed it?