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    Biggest Typhoon EVER!


    Experts predicted the casualty toll would soar once aid workers get to the hardest-hit areas, many of which were totally isolated -- no phone service, no electricity.

    About 125,000 people took refuge in evacuation centers, and hundreds of flights were canceled.

    With sustained winds of 315 kph (195 mph) and gusts as strong as 380 kph (235 mph), Haiyan may be the strongest tropical cyclone to hit land anywhere in recorded history. It will take further analysis after the storm passes to establish whether it is a record.
    These storms keep getting worse.

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    It's getting scary just walking out of the house. I don't want to spout off about global warming contributing to these storms but...

    Anyway depending on how much soil is moved around that could change the topography of that area permanently. Sandy rearranged parts of the shoreline last year after is hit around NYC.

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    Sucks for all those living in the Philippines. Not much we can do about it, just pick up the pieces when its over and keep on surviving.

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    Last I heard this thing didnt get slow down by hitting land. Now it may build up even stronger to hit Vietnam... If it keeps going it could break the '79 record for biggest storm system ever

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    I was surprised that the abysmal 2013 tropical cyclone year (for all basins that get TCs) managed to produce a historic typhoon such as this one. Some of the chasers I followed went into the eyewall of this and its changed them, they said it was the pinnacle of their careers. There is a lot of false information that seems to always float out there after something like this and one piece is that this is the result of GW...give me a break, every frigging' weather event at this point the mainstream media jump all over the opportunity to shove AGW down everyone's ears. The weather communities that I'm part of roll their eyes so hard at the msm that you'd think they'd be ready to roll right out of our skulls. These events can and do happen regardless of climate change. If you were to track the number of tropical cyclones worldwide during the past few years, the ACE is actually going down! Not up! Look up ACE in Wikipedia if you don't know what that is. ACE in the Atlantic was in the Top 4 lowest of all time. Its a great measure of activity.

    It was an extremely impressive weather event and in my personal Top 3 events of this year (behind those 2 monster tornadoes in May). It was the strongest landfalling tropical cyclone on record at 170+ knots which is completely insane, Hurricane Katrina was around 105-115 knots depending on who you ask and Sandy was 65 knots. The storm surge was very deadly as always which is not that common in Wpac typhoons. Flooding rains usually are what cause the 1000s of deaths depending on certain factors. Also to clear some things up, it had a good forward speed moving through the Philippines but was weakening rather steadily due to colder ocean depths and less ideal moisture and thermodynamical conditions. May build up even stronger to hit Vietnam??? Completely the opposite, it was forecast to weaken to a CAT3 typhoon and it didn't even remain that strong, it turned more north than forecast and it was a weak CAT1 at final landfall. Also, the term "biggest" is wrong, we're talking strength (can be small and extremely powerful)...biggest in terms of area this wasn't even close to Super Typhoon Tip from 1979 in size. It was slightly larger than normal however. Its not officially in general the strongest tropical cyclone worldwide because there was no scientific data to support it, just satellite estimates that normally gauge Wpac TCs. It might have been one of the strongest since monitoring began, it was incredible in structure and eye temperature.

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