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Sorry. I forgot to wink. It was a joke. I copied the hex from a Wikipedia page. Now way I was going to go in and change the addresses for even that many lines, which of course as program code are so very few they'd do tantamount to nothing.

I was just being sarcastic. It's hardly ideal to require a half hour or so of update on launch day -- you're right, in later shipments the XOne will have the OS iteration current at manufacture on preinstalled -- but on the other hand, so long as MS makes the process run smoothly, it's not a launch day deal-breaker either. You can do a lot more with a PS4 out of the box without its day-one update, but you can't do various important things like play online. Necessary or somewhat necessary day-one updates annoy people but they're double-edged swords. It's a pain to wait to do anything but it can often be less pain than dealing with a game or hardware that shipped broken WITHOUT a day-one update, or the hardware launch was delayed because the software wasn't ready when they had to start shipping out the boxes.
So in your mind it is better to ship a unfinished and unusable product to meet a deadline

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