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    Twitch TV PS4 streaming tips

    You can choose whether or not to include camera video, and whether or to include microphone audio. If you DON'T have any microphone hooked up, whether through the controller or console, the camera's microphone will be the default.

    An easy way to keep people entertained, if that's the kind of thing you want to do, is just answer questions that appear in comments.

    Hit the Share button again while streaming to access options.

    Most people want the video feed to be full screen, so you can choose not to display the comment overlay on PS4 and instead just go to Twitch on your computer to read comments.

    When you hit Share button the first time, you can hit Options button to bring up options, including Stream Quality. Change from High to Best! You can only change stream quality before you start

    When you press the PS button to go to a menu or something, a special pause image appears on screen for viewers. You can't stream the interface.

    Switching games requires stopping the current stream and starting anew. Usually a good idea to let viewers know before you switch. Have a conversation with them!

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    What are the bandwidth constraints on streaming Twitch? Anyone know? I'm just curious what upload speeds are recommended in order for it to work as it should...(I'm sure I don't have it, but just curious what is needed)

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    Well let me toss my name into the hat for now, just so I'm not losing out on a great opportunity to work with the site on this. Just know that while you admin people are hammering out the details with eachother....I'll be hammering out the details with my boss (the wife).

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