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    So...I made some DUST 514 overview videos with commentary!

    This is something I've wanted to do for a longggg time,and now I'm doing it! These two videos are my first attempt at doing such videos. As I explain in the first video, they are very organic vids, so there's no editing or anything, it's just me playing and giving commentary as I go.

    Worth noting, the video and my voice are not 100% synced. My voice lags behind by about 2-3 seconds.

    Both vids are about 30 minutes long, the first looks at the Neocom menu which is where you do all of your preparation and the second is me in battle, giving commentary on the mechanics and strategies of the Domination game mode. If you are curious about the game or to see how far it's come along, definetly check the second video. The first video is designed to accustom people to the somewhat daunting start menu and its features.

    As I said, these are just prototypes/practice. Enjoy!

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    Practice makes Proto. keep up the good work my friend waiting for 3&4

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