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    Possible Persona 5 teaser site adds Teddie from Persona 4

    A website believed to be teasing a Persona 5 announcement has something new to offer: Teddie from Persona 4.The lovable, pun-swinging bear mascot now appears in three boxes at the top of the website, effectively confirming that what's coming on November 24, 2013 has something to do with Persona. That's got me extremely excited, because Persona 4 Golden (the PS Vita remaster) is my favorite JRPG ever.
    At the same time, there's cause for consideration. Repeatedly clicking on each box causes different versions of Teddie's in-game dialogue avatar to appear. What does the interplay of images mean?
    There's also reason for concern: Teddie is a Persona 4 character, and the series' games typically have very little to do with each other. Occasional character cameos and the Igor + assistant + Velvet Room plot mechanic notwithstanding, it would be unusual for Teddie--and old artwork of Teddie, at that--to feature in promotional material for Persona 5.
    What do you think? Excited for Persona 5? Is this website teasing something else entirely?

    edit: don't know if this is PS4 related or not. no details

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    Definitely looking forward to it. Atlus knocked it out of the park with P4,they'll have to keep this standard from now on.

    The standard for getting 100% completion on a Persona game x my social life it's a whole different deal,of course.

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    From what I heard it may be a sequel of Persona 4 or maybe just a release of the update of Persona Arena for consoles.If we're lucky it could be Persona 5.
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