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    4thePlayers Apartment Vienna, Europe

    Hey guys!

    Today i had the chance to play the PS4 before its release at the official 4theplayers exclusive apartment in the heart of Vienna.
    It was a really cool place with 2 PS4 demo kiosks just like in the states and 4 tvs with the blockbuster games and you could play with the Vita as well!
    There were also set ups with PS3 consoles and a PS2 too.
    First i played the Vita with kz:mercenary and tearaway i had to adjust to the controls, the 2 sticks and the touchscreens are cool its really a big improvement from the psp but still there aren't enough good games for that price...
    After that i tried the kiosk the only playable game was knack which was funny and i enjoyed it, but i wouldn't buy it only if it costs 20-25 euro so maybe later...
    I was really impressed with the DS4 it is really comfortable and i used the sony headphones and the touchscreen too.
    AC4 is the typical franchise game it looks great and is easy to play but i didn't see a great visual leap compared to the PS3 although i couldn't play the sea levels so maybe there is a difference.
    The other big launch title was killzone which implements the use of the touchscreen which is a good addition i really liked the owl companion but i wasn't that much impressed with the graphics maybe because the apartment was very bright and i didn't play enough.
    Overall it was a good experience to play the PS4 before its launch and to have an idea which titles i'm interested in but i'm still undecided when i should buy it maybe i will wait till the infamous bundle comes out, it depends on how much money i'll be able to spend!
    P.S. i spotted the "made in china" label on the DS4 probably its the same as the us

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    I live in Vienna! Where is this!?

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