Was that PSN temporary account disabling and/oror "suspicious activity" emails claiming Sony had disabled accounts but hadn't actually disabled accounts for the people they notified ever properly explained. I've heard nary a word. Except people who had trouble getting the system to let them back in got it fix in two shakes by Sony support though they didn't explain why the usual process for reenabling their accounts didn't work.

I still say it was a glitched security systems test or other bug in the PSN security system and since there was never any risk to account information Sony elected only to help the subset of people who had problems signing back in but not issue a public statement about what happened. Many of us well remember the Great PSN Breached Security Outage of 1902, or whenever, so I suppose I don't blame them. Fixed is fixed and if your account info was never in jeopardy then you really don't need to know why. Though, still, I'm curious.