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    Playstation 4 PSN Code accepted then not accepted

    Hi all

    I redeemed a 30 day trial code on 29 November. Everything seemed ok as I was able to use online features like downloading PS Plus games out of the PSN Store. Yesterday I checked back on my PS4 and my membership was wiped.

    I rang Sony UK customer support and after asking me did I ever have PS Plus membership before (I had it for another 30 day trial a few years ago) that this could have been the reason that my membership was wiped. She then dropped in at the end that there was an known issue with the redeeming the code feature on PS4 and that Sony had disabled this feature until further notice. Instead of telling me this at the start of the phonecall!!

    I have a years membership which I am nervous about putting into the PSN Store in case the same thing happens again. Does anyone think I should regsiter the code through my PS3 instead of my PS4 as the code covers me on both? Do Sony refund or give you another code if you lose your membership due to a technical error? Many thanks as always for any helpful posts and replies.

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    I had issues with PSN codes here in the UK too, my PS4 would just go straight back the home menu when entering one in the store, with no confirmation of it working or not. One workaround I did find that helped was entering the codes on the Vita or using the online SEN store from a browser. this let me redeem my codes and added things to my download list which I could access then from Library on the PS4. However I probably wouldn't risk it with something like the membership, I'd give it a few days, things seem to be settling now and some features (for me) seem to be coming back on now.

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