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    Just depends where you are looking. You do get some idiots on PC but likewise on Console. The nature of the beast of gaming and the internet I suppose, we have to hear all of it!

    As an aside, I will say that most the buttons set in Arma are actually used quite a lot. I know you can argue that pressing 1 button for prone and another for crouch (as an example) could be changed to one button as it already is on console but many keyboard users prefer to have a separate key for actions as you can drop to prone instantly rather than cycle through the stances. It's also like how on battlefield I like to switch my weapons/equipment by pressing 1-4 rather than using my mouse wheel as I can get to what I want right away. They could cut the controls down to fit onto a controller but I think it would mean too many actions are missing.

    Anyway, OT, I couldn't care less what platform this game is on. Just give it to me now, this game blown me away at E3 and between this, Watch Dogs and TitanFall I want some new games to play!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lord flasheart View Post
    A person from Liverpool.
    Ah, thanks much!

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