I was looking over the upcoming news on AMD's Kaveri APU's and noticed this article.


It has one rather interesting paragraph:

On the graphics side, AMD says that the A10-7850K will have 512 shader cores, which equates to 8 CUs. The architecture is “revised” GCN, or GCN 1.1 as it’s sometimes called. This roughly equates to the Radeon HD 7750, but the upgrade to GCN 1.1 should mean the inclusion of at least two ACEs (asynchronous command engines), and possibly two tessellation engines. With a stipulated clock speed of around 700-800MHz, there are still some doubts about whether main system DDR3 RAM will have enough bandwidth to feed the GPU, but we’ll have to wait for some actual benchmarks to see if that’s the case.
I'll leave it alone as to what that could describe...
But, It has me thinking: So, for the Media server i need to build, it's a great chip. For a moderate level gaming machine, not bad. For a Mid Level gaming machine, pairing it with an AMD GPU might be pretty snappy.

Does anyone have experience with if any of the open source encoding/decoding software has been recompiles/enhanced for AMD APU yet?