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    Uprising 1.8 patch may have ALL racial dropsuits!

    So there is growing speculation (basically CCP has all but confirmed, saying not to get hopes up incase something comes up) that we will get ALL large, medium and small frames for the Gallente, Minmatar, Caldari and Amarr races.

    It also looks like the whole role system is being completely reworked with all suits getting new suit and racial bonuses.

    Damage mods are being reworked and proficiency skills for weapons will probably only boost damage against that weapon's bonus (shield or armor) meaning that mass driver prof 5 would only give 15% damage to armor. They also said that there will be an overall nerf of damage so TTK will be longer. It MIGHT be possible that assault class well get 5% CPU/PG reduction on weapons to reflect the 5% reduction logistics gets on equipment but this was just a fielded idea from the community which CCP said they liked.

    Stealth cloaking is also in the works and will likely deploy with 1.8. Below are some forum comments from CCP Remnant, senior game designer for DUST 514.

    The plan was to buff up the Minmatar Scout's base melee damage (right now light frames do 80, medium frames 110 and heavy frames 150) up to 120.


    Yeah, TTK is definitely something we're looking at improving. The reason we've not hot-fixed a blanket 10% nerf is simply because of the knock -on effects it has (e.g. reducing the damage output of an ammo guzzler like the ACR means it gets a bigger nerf than simply reduced DPS; though some might argue that's not a bad thing).

    For 1.8 you should see re-adjustment of damage mods, a reduction to weapon damage and possibly alteration of the weapon proficiency skills to only buff damage against shield or armor (in keeping with that weapon's profile) instead of a blanket 3% per level to both shields and armor.


    Scouts are a getting a buff to base scan profile (probably a reduction down to 35, though the exact number isn't final)


    Though, scouts are gonna be losing a sidearm slot. (Also, I think people are gonna faint when they see the PG/CPU costs of cloak fields; Scouts'll be alright though)


    Well, the thinking was to give the second EQP slot to GA, CA, AM scout suits and leave the Minmatar with one EQP slot and its sidearm. Still debating that one though.

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    If my conversations with CCP Saberwing hold any weight then yes all of them

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    Any official word yet on patch date? Cant find it anywhere on the DUST forums.
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