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    Quote Originally Posted by darky89 View Post
    Not mentioning the whole, come sit on my lap thing he's got going on.
    I said that to a girl once, and told her we can talk about the next thing that pops up, she slapped me.

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    alright this was a successful thread. this is good.

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    Not including Mass Effect 4, which hasn't even been fully revealed up to this point, this is definitely my most anticipated game.

    Exploration, scope, immediate action, epic storytelling, an interesting setting, RPG-elements, etc, all in a persistent, shared, expanding universe.

    Quote Originally Posted by Admartian View Post
    At this point, I don't care for these online-focused MP shooters. I know they're trying to emulate Borderlands, but to me, there was something about Borderlands that I liked and could play alone.

    Destiny, The Division etc? Not really.

    It's a shame because they look fun/gorgeous. But not enough of an incentive to play (at least from what we know so far) - lack of a campaign/SP mode.
    Bungie said there's a cinematic campaign you can play from beginning to end. And you can definitely play the game by yourself if you want.

    And they said more campaigns will be added over time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sufi View Post
    yeah, at this point, my biggest issue is that it's actually not a F2P game. reason being, if i do get the game and say if i get addicted to it, i'm reeled in for the next umpteenth expansion....that's one reason I despised WoW and ultimately left it.
    That's my one concern as well. If you want to grow a community, going Free-to-Play makes sense, since you don't split the fanbase.

    Bungie needs to keep all the expansions free, and simply charge players in other ways.
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