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    Female Version of Mario Being Developed

    I wish I was able to post this in a more active part of the forum, but oh well.

    So I've taken my love for games into reality, and I'm attempting to develop something of my own. Originally this was made for my portfolio, but it became more of a passion project I wanted others to experience.

    But with development, marketing, outsourcing (for music), licensing, and other costs, I need a little help. If you're interested in being listed in the credits of the game, being an NPC, or even the character playing through the experience, then consider pledging the corresponding amount so that I can get this game into the wild.

    The project and much more information can be found here:

    I've updated in the ability to get the beta, credits, wallpaper pack, and full game for just $10.

    Thanks again, let me know if you have any questions!
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    Duplicate thread (other one posted in PC gaming forum).

    Thanks to Final for the sick sig!

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