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    Quote Originally Posted by MLG221 View Post
    What do you think there gonna be using it for 1st. Crime. whatever in the background doesnt matter unless they use it. They could collect intell on you but if they dont make a move what are you gonna do.
    The and only thing they will use it for is CONTROL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MLG221 View Post
    I wouldnt be worried seems like your to concerned. There are ways to make it in this world and be happy and free legit or not. I was just saying the show I watched is real and with technology at the hands of the right people like the govt. they can do alot more then we can. I wouldnt be supprised if its the law in 50 years, that just IMO.
    you canadians don't get it because your govt. are not a bunch of fear mongers.

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