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    When not to play...

    It seems that from 9:00pm-10:00pm EST is when the top corp guys get on in mass numbers. Especially on SAturdays when the little teenagers with chicken like reflexes are on. This is how my last 3 FW battles went.

    9:30pmEST- my team of randoms VS. 12 Quebec killers or whatever theyre called. LOSS
    9:43pmEST- Squad of Vaccum LLC VS. 10 HELLSTORM INC. LOSS
    10:06pmEST Randoms and me VS Outer.Haven with one random. LOSS

    So yeah. Pretty much saturdays are gonna be ISK farm nights for me.
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    At any time you can run into a qsyncd squad. I think most do it for the challenge haha. I've been running FW for about a month now so am kinda familiar with the norm and I'm not sure its confined to a particular time though statistically you're more likely to see it during US prime time as the majority of the player base is in the US.

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