Here is a guide to unlock it now if you pre-ordered and loaded. Did it myself and am playing now.

It seems quite a lot of people on this subreddit are confused with how they would go about using a VPN to unlock Titanfall before their area is actually available. I would like to share the way I will be doing this that personally reduces my wait time by 13 hours letting me play at 11:00am on the 10th.
I am pulling some of this guide from this post (it works just the same)
1) Go to this website: Click the Download on top of page! Pic
2) Download SoftEther VPN Client WITH PLUGIN(important part). Extract software and install using exe file (center in image) Pic
3) Open software after install, double click VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers, search for Korea under region, click any Korean server you like, then connect. Pic
4) PROOF: Origin, IP, Ping & Speed
Keep in mind I am connecting from east-central Canada (Ontario) your ping and such may be different depending on where you live and what VPN you use.

  • Now, how do you use this stuff? When it gets released in Korea, connect to the VPN using steps shown above. Then, just run Titanfall from Origin. You'll probably have to download an "Update" (just authentication files). Run Titanfall, then disconnect from VPN. Basically you're only using the VPN to unpack the encripted game files and get authenticated, you shouldn't need it after that is done.

For those wondering if this will get you banned. NO, it is perfectly safe if you are just using it to unlock the game a little earlier after buying it legitimately. There is nothing in their Terms of Service about using a VPN for early access and EA support has said multiple times that you will not get banned for this. Using it to get games cheaper is another thing entirely.
Hope this helps out those who wanted to get in the game a bit early.
PS: Don't forget to disconnect whenever the VPN is not needed, it will slow down your connection significantly.