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    Favslist - Rank your favorite games, movies and actually...everything

    Daniel Kayser from GameTrailers is creating an awesome website named Favslist. It's still a work in progress but it has a really fun concept. It let's you rank your all-time Top 25 games and affect the results in real-time. DK made a video explaining how it works here:

    If you feel like putting your 2 cents in, then go here and make your Top 25 favorite game of all time list (1st=25pts, 2nd=24pts, ..., 25th=1pt).
    The results from the gamers in their 20s will be different from the gamers in their 30s. You can sort the results by gender, country and age if you want.

    Other gaming lists are also available (by year, genre and systems) if you want to mess around with more of them. It also works for movies, tv shows, music, sports and anything you can think of.
    For example, the "Favorite Pokémon" is a list fun to participate in if you're a fan of the series.

    It's kinda like twitter but it's centered around the things we're passionate about.
    Anyway, Post the link of your Top games and feel free to discuss your choices!

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    Thanks for posting this, this site looks neat! This type of thing is right up my alley, I like making lists of Top whatever on my own.

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    interesting, I will look into this

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    You're welcome guys

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