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    What the hell happened with Amazing Spider-Man 2?

    For reference I never played ASM last gen so ASM2 on PS4 was my first Spidy game since the disappointing SM3
    Graphically it's disappointing in most places especially for a Nextgen game but it did have its moments when it look like the film (more like the original movie trilogy though) the left right swinging was fantastic and it was fun if a little short and uninspired and completely unlike the film (ie key characters and story completely missing)
    But it was enough to get me interested in getting the first ASM and wow ASM is the best Spidy game since SM2, the cloud webbing is a little jarring after ASM2 but it has an original story based after ASM movie, boss battles that make ASM2 look like a PS1 game, loads of side missions and variety in them and even the graphics seem to have more put into them (helicopters spot lights through the city while you swing about), even the combat although improved in ASM has more to it
    So what exactly happened? Did another Team do ASM2 I know it's the same studio but they have two teams
    I just hope they bring a proper Nextgen ASM to PS4 thats like ASM1 with the improvements in swinging that ASM2 had, probably another 2-3 years away through sadly.

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    Somehow, Activision got a permanent lock on Spiderman games for Marvel. Years ago, Marvel Comics sold many of their characters' film rights to various studios, such as Universal, Fox, and Sony. Marvel was in financial trouble those days, and that is when they started making contracts for movies and games. They have been gradually buying back characters and with Disney now owning Marvel, there will be a lot of negotiations. Right now, there is no connection to the movie and the game, only that Activision ties the game release with the movie opening.

    Activision Spiderman has always had this promise of a really good, cool game. There are moments but then overall, the games end up being total letdowns. There are some fantastic graphics, then totally bland graphics. There are cool moves and web slinging, then the melee is all messed up. Activision has a strange corporate structure for game development, and all they use is how much cash the game brings them, not whether gamers actually like them or not. People will always get the next Spiderman game, hoping that it will be the one. As long as Activision has the publishing rights, expect the same.
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    More Spiderman Games! More Spiderman Games! (In a protest chant.)

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    I lost interest in Spider Man Movies & Games when they canned Spider Man 4.

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    They didn't really put a lot of effort into the game. They just made it to coincide with the movie.

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