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    That's sort of sad. I wish I could be on the roof top playing BF Hardline on a PS4 streaming worldwide... I'd be terrible at the game but it'd still be cool....

    otherwise... #EAfail

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    Quote Originally Posted by mynd View Post
    Nope, that was $#@!
    Pretty much. All I wanted was some Battlefront III footage. But nope...just some hardline BS, sports crap and Sims nonsense. And no Titanfall 2/DLC/New Modes/Platform expansion mentions? What in the actual $#@!?

    I don't really need a water cooler/remote control as of right now.

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    anyone get into the hardline beta via ps4. i keep trying but it says it's undergoing maintenance. and i tried the website but origin it total crap and never works.

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    That was a TERRIBLE press conference! I wanted to see some Mirror's Edge 2 and Mass Effect 4 footage but nope... just a lame announcement!

    Maybe we'll see Mirror's Edge 2 and Mass Effect 4 at the Sony conference?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mynd View Post
    Nope, that was $#@!
    I seen the mass effect teaser. It pissed me off.

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    Impressions while watching....

    EA 2014 E3 conference
    - DICE talks a lot about Star Wars: Battlefront, looking fairly decent,

    - Andrew wilson on stage, EA CEO, a dozen new experience

    - some finished videos, some behind the scenes, some raw games in development, mixed with interviews

    3 bioware games

    - Dragon Age: Inquisition
    - live cellist on stage doing music, video shows more environments, much bigger scale than second game, not bad looking, not the best looking though
    - next generation of bioware games, open world, options on how to handle battles, game play video? fighting a dragon jumping from player to player,
    - tactical camera mode turns the game in a turn by turn game,
    - characters include: Sarah and elven archer, the iron bull a kunari mercenary, viviene an ambitious mage,

    - Mass Effect 4
    - concept art, interviews with debs,

    - New IP, environmental concept art, maybe a prettier post apoc setting? no name for the game, no real details, just hints

    The Sims 4
    - now you can control their hearts, more personality and appearance customization
    - neighborhoods and communities,
    - long game video trailer,
    - can borrow other players sims and houses, complete with personality
    - sept 2nd, no mention of platforms yet so I’m guessing PC

    - Bruce Lee in the latest UFC game, playable,
    - not the best gameplay video, kind of stuttery
    - game released next week

    NHL15 on PS4 and Xbox One
    - physics on players and puck,
    - most detailed arenas ever
    - trailer doesn’t look to be game play

    Criterion Games, very early look at ? video is about flying instead of cars, and how flexible the team is, game seems like the plan is to have atvs, boats, wing suits, jet skis, first person perspective, larger terrain options,

    EA Sports Tiburon

    PGA Tour
    - frostbite 3 engine, freedom to explore courses, “golf without limits”
    - extreme fantasy courses,

    Madden NFL15
    - improved defense game, new defensive cameras, more control over blocks,
    - improved open field tackling, tiered tackle cone, conservative or aggressive tackles,
    - NFL films contributed to playbacks, procedural animation instead of scripted

    Dawngate, MOBA,
    - trying to build on the classics, has a flexible meta game,
    - characters all have a purpose, maps have story elements,

    DICE, Mirror’s Edge
    - reboot? remake? Faith is still slim and sleak, still a first person game,
    - very similar aesthetic to the original, very clean

    - emotional intelligence, players have memories,
    - new player control system, new ball physics,
    - improved man to man battles,
    - iconic arenas, pitch is affect by play, uniforms get dirty

    Visceral Games, Battlefield: Hardline
    - looks more like a GTA game than a battlefield game, cops versus criminals,
    - grew out of work in BF3, largely built around multiplayer,
    - trailer/demo 32 player heist match, missions based, graphics are more realistic than GTA5
    - environmental destruction
    - vehicles
    - reflections in puddle
    - very scripted
    - beta coming today, sign up at on PC and PS4, first come first serve
    - anyone with Battlefield 4 can play the beta on PS4, for a very short period
    - lifestream on twitch

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