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The report is online, it's about 250-300 pages. My only point in all of this is that drilling no matter where you do it is risky. The only way we will prevent blowouts with 100% certainty is to not drill at all.
exactly, don't do it. did people have a say in it? oh that's right, it's because we vote for the people in office...oh wait, we don't lol. it's a perception that we do.

I'm sure some level of corruption exists.
some yes but the scope of that corruption is very large.

I think we may be speaking past each other here. I'm not making excuses, clearly it has its problems like every economic and political system, but if I had to pick one of the many systems and try to fix that imperfect system, I would choose ours. At no time would I suggest everything here is A-OK, we certainly have our work cutout for us, but I think it's worth trying to fix.
overall, i would also choose the american economical system, i will say the justice system for the most part is the best out there. but i would not choose the political system here. it is by far the worst i have seen. you think it is fine and it may be on a smaller level but as you go higher, it gets more and more corrupt.

basically everything, i would generally believe in corporations/institutions/audit companies tell us if something is ok to consume but the higher up you go, the bigger the deals become, the more corruption there is. that's my problem with it. it looks perfectly fine but we are all affected and most of the general public do not have the knowledge and don't care either way while we're being consumed.

you have to be knowledgeable to live in this country or you don't know what sort of dangers you'd run into when it comes to consumerism.