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    I own the Xperia SP, 720p display I think anyways 3000mHa battery lasts me 3 days before charge :P Stand by on this sucker is 14 days.

    Quote Originally Posted by sneezymarble View Post
    Ok, now let me remote play to my PC. kthnx.
    They used to have this feature on Viao laptops and you could hack it to work on a regular PC to a PS3 but never figured it out.

    -[ Over half of the 100~ish UHD Blu-rays on the market ]-
    -[ I wouldn't even watch if they came free with my breakfast cereal ]-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bitbydeath View Post
    Gonna buy the Z3 tablet for this, have been meaning to pickup a tablet for a while now and this is the perfect reason to get one.
    That's just the same with in my case! I also like the high resolution of this tablet and its low weight.

    Can't wait to get it...

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