Hi all,
I just replaced my PSP 3000's action buttons. So yeah, taking out the 7 screws were pretty easy.Then, took off the faceplate, replaced the action buttons and put back the faceplate. When I put the screws back in, one screw doesn't seem to fit just right in but all the other 6 screws were put back easily and perfectly into place.
That one screw was this one (indicated with the RED circle) :

That screw (red circle) was too deep compared to the one below (green circle). Whenever I tried putting it back in, it just drops all the way inside and I'll only be able to (hardly) turn it a little. All the other 6 screws are fine. When I finished, it seems the faceplate is put firmly back into place but there's a little (teeny tiny) gap between the L trigger and the edge of the faceplate, no gaps between the metal casing and the faceplate. Tried using the PSP, all buttons, memory stick, etc, everything's working fine. Still, I'm wondering if I put back that one screw wrong.

Anyone here who have disassembled / reassembled their PSP 3000 before? Please tell me how you put back that screw before. Please help.