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    Warframe: Plains of Eidolon has been released, console versions to follow soon.

    PS4 and XB1 updates are still being worked on, but should be out early November assuming a smooth cert process.

    Overview by one of the Warframe youtube channels. At the beginning of the clip, it shows the games Creative Director. He live streamed the final hours leading up to the deployment - fixing last minute bugs, making changes etc, and that nervous laugh probably sums up the stream tbh :

    It's good to see that it was received well!

    Honestly, i played around in it this afternoon and it's so damn hard to believe that it is free. Sure you can see the kind of grind you are getting into, but its an equal grind for everybody, nobody throwing money at their screen to get ahead here.

    Also, Warframe jumped up quite a ways on the Steam charts. It's usually at the lower end of the top 10, but today it was only beaten by the expected juggernauts of the platform:

    Quite an accomplishment.

    If you own a PS4 or XB1 i would definitely recommend checking it out when it drops. It's quite fun, and bringing that Warframe movement set into an open space is quite refreshing!
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    WOW DOTA 2 knocked off the top pot and by a large margin.

    Remember when CODs was the most played games on Steam with 150,000-200,000 players?

    Warframe on PC should run well on mid ranged hardware from 2010.

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