The ps3 release at Standford Mall in Palo Alto was incredibly UNORGANIZED and handled by a bunch of ignorant security members that were on a power trip. Lead by an incredibly heavy weight hispanic man resembling the late great Big Pun, he basically told this to the crowd at the beginning of the evening,

"The line must start off the property of the mall. There is no running or cutting across the bushes. Any conflicts will lead to immediate ejection. You can power walk or skip if you choose, actually I would prefer that because I would enjoy seeing that plus I will have my camcorder to record it (chuckles)."

To some up the situtation the Rent a cop security at Stanford mall did a poor job organizing the whole thing. They eventually had a crowd that was lined up to play simon says. In fact one of the idiot security guys was named SIMON.

Besides that they decided to do a "fair" raffle drawing and it turns out that out of the 100+ people, 3 or the 16 chosen were FRIENDS of the head security guy. Coincidence? I think not. The head security was the guy pulling out the names and reading it, no one else saw the pieces of paper with the actual names on it!

Sucks for the people that have been waiting since Tuesday. Everything was organized up until 8pm when the FRIENDS of the head security refused to get out of their cars and when they finally did decided to make THEIR OWN unofficial line. This was what lead to the big crowds and eventually to the "fair" raffle.