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    Slingbox and PS3?

    Anyone think the PS3 will be able to play nice with the Slingbox application?

    Thinking of getting one for X-Mas(Slingbox) and if it works with ps3 it would solve a lot of my problems.

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    Well, the problem is, even though PS3 has an internet browser, it doesn't have OSX or Windows. I doubt the PS3 will unzip a file or mount an image. I want to do the same thing, as I'm living in Korea right now and missing ice hockey bad, but I have a feeling it's not possible. But the PS3 does use MAC hardwear (and maybe softwear?) so it possible... One of us will just have to try it and find out...

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    No it wont work, but I have a LocationFree unit. Works perfectly with a PSP. They should add it to the PS3 tho.

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    You can connect any video source to a slingbox, but the slingbox can't control a PS3. If you are set on doing this, you should be able to use remote play w/PSP to start your video (not blu-ray), end remote play (leaving the ps3 on), then watch via slingbox.

    ^^^^^^ Ignore the post, I think you want to install the slingbox software on a PS3, which you can't do.
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    1 Turn on your Sony PlayStation 3 using the "PlayStation" logo button on your wireless controller.

    2 Open your PS3's built-in web browser.

    3 Select the "Address" option from the PS3 web browser main menu and go to ""

    4 Use the PS3's virtual keyboard (or an attached Bluetooth keyboard, if applicable) to type your Slingbox e-mail address and account password into the boxes on screen.

    5 Click "Login" to connect to your Slingbox using your Sony PlayStation 3 home-video game console.

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