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    Seven deadly sins of video gaming.

    I am just going to quote the finer point's of this article. Mainly the one's i enjoyed the most. The rest can be found here:

    Envy: the console wars.
    Say what you will about how much you love your system of choice and how much better it is than all the rest, you’d still buy every next-gen system if you could. The only reason there’s so much hatred between camps is because all of us actually want to own all of the systems, but are either financially incapable of doing so or are scared that not hating at least one system will make us less hardcore. This falls more into a “denial” category than an “envy” one, but denial is one of the steps of grieving and not a sin. So, suck on that.

    Pride: Fanboyism

    We’ve all had our run-ins with at least one group of irritatingly die-hard fanboys. Despite the fact that almost every Internet argument with said fanboys usually ends in some iteration of the phrase, “just ignore them and they’ll go away,” they haven’t. Why? Pride. Whether derived from childhood nostalgia (Nintendo), arrogance (Microsoft), or the paralyzing fear that you may have wasted 600 dollars on a doomed system (Sony), every fanboy is full of ridiculously misplaced pride for his (and I do mean his) system of choice. He’ll draw designs on it, send pictures of it to his friends, and reviews its games much more favorably than he probably should. Fanboyism is sadly one of the most long-standing staples of the video game industry, and there’s no end to it in sight. Game companies won’t stop it, because it essentially boils down to the consumer doing their work for them, and gamers won’t because they’re so sadly deluded that they believe calling someone a “****sucker” for not thinking Resistance was the greatest thing since sliced bread will actually make some sort of difference.

    Several different companies make video game systems. You can choose any of them, and even if you choose one that doesn’t turn out to be that good, it doesn’t make you stupid.
    The thing on console wars is bang on IMO.

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    That is pretty good. Stupid fanboys/trolls...*grumbling*

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    I didnt wanna get into a stupid philosophical cat microchip debate
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