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    Is SIMS 2 Good or not on ps2?

    is the sims 2 good on ps2 cause i onl;y played it on pc? can i have ur ideas how 2 improve it for a magazine? 4 sims 3 which is currently gettin made and i need more stuff 2 get a good recommendation of wat more ppl want of it?

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    Well for those of you who are not sure, check out next months OPM demos disc (January issue) they will be having a playable demo of SIMs 2.

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    Well if it is anything liek the first Sims for ps2 then it is really bad when compared to the PC version. If you like to play the PC version I would stay away from all console versios of the Sims.
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    You know, when I first played the Sims, I thought it was awesome. But you know, after a while it got so boring. I wish they had made it to where you could customize furniture, then buy it instead of being stuck with only a few color schemes.

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    Sims 2 on the PS2, has more flexibility than the PC version mainly because you can directly control your sims.

    Because my computer can't handle Sims 2 i'm in ignorant bliss with my console version.
    but be warned the loading times are awful, and it lags alot, maybe they'll get it spot on in the PS3 version.
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    I still prefer the PC versions over the console ones.

    Always will until maybe a next gen console could win me over, but current gen console Sims just dont get to me the way PC Sims do

    I may consider getting this one though since Sims2 was so badly done on PC, the installer that is
    "oh yes our game will work even if your graphics card doesnt have T&L, it wil just use software emulation mode" WRONG! DIDNT WORK ON MINES!
    And my card was supported...i just couldnt be bothered installing it again after that...
    And i guess at least with Sims1, i could have it on one desktop while i do stuff on another
    So i could have Sims1 on desktop1, Forums and IM on desktop2 and any other stuff on 3

    Im hoping this will be better than Sims1 on PS2....that was horrible to say the least...i couldnt even bring myself to play Bustin' out for more than 5 minutes...
    The only thing i liked was multiplayer, now that was fun!

    Please make Sims2 better, i thought this was coming out sooner than next year actually...weird lol
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