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    Kage's nut punch pwnage!

    omg I really hope the guy i just nut punched to death visits these forums as that was the greatest fight in 2d fighter history right there.

    So i decide to get in some mk2 b4 i go to bed, and i fight this guy who only picks Liu Kang.

    He was pretty damn good, and i was playing way above my normal skill level. (predicting movements and whatnot)

    I get subzero, and i beat him,

    He gets Liu Kang again, i get baraka... beat him... great fights btw.

    He gets Liu Kang, I get Scorpion he beats me twice!!!

    So i get Kung Lao, (he gets Liu Kang again) I totally pwn him pretty good, he did get a round though. (spamming flying kicks, guess i was expecting them to stop)

    Then im like... damn who else do i even remotely know, so i get the char i have played with the least. JOHNY KAGE!!! In the many years that I have played MK2, I have played with Kage, like maybe 2 times. 1 Of those times was just now. As soon as his picture popped up on the verses screen i started loling nonstop. Then I started crying... this is why.

    So i remember "HEY THE NUT PUNCH!"

    hilarity ensued..

    He beats me 1st round... (duh)

    I start the 2nd round by launching a big green blob of jock juice right into his face. Of course im already laughing so hard i cant see straight. The green *SLAP* and Liu Kangs "oOoOOOWwWWW" really got me cackling.

    Then I proceed to do the same thing i did first round (with more seriousness... if thats possible) nothing but doges and nut punches...

    I NUT PUNCH THIS GUY OVER AND OVER AND OVER, crossing over his head, after each hit, to do yet another NUT PUNCH. I actually got a FLAWLESS VICTORY, using nothing but consecutive Nut Punches! I didn't even block that round.

    WOw... im only just now getting over it.

    I was wishing sooo bad I had recorded that match. I would post up a link right now if i could, and i would so love too.

    it was the funniest thing ive seen all week by a long shot.

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    Uh... yeah, general chit chat section is where this should be.
    But that sounds like fun.

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    Uh... Good for you...? This probably should have been posted somewhere else, but whatever.

    LoL Pretty cool you beat somebody with only nut punches though.

    Ever since my experience points went into triple digits, I've had to keep the ladies and valkyries away with a +3 two handed broadsword.

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    soo this comes to conclusion u like punchin in the NUTZ? lol j/k :-0

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    I bet the guy just liked getting it in the nuts and thats why he let you win flawlessly! lol but yeah i wish you had a vid, sounds funny

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedSand426 View Post
    I bet the guy just liked getting it in the nuts and thats why he let you win flawlessly! lol but yeah i wish you had a vid, sounds funny
    I was going through some uncanny prediction phase, so hed tried to low FB or something and i jumped and ocme back down and NUT PUNCH yet again. It was a site to behold. I still dont understand how i didnt get hit. Like in oldschool Thundercade on NES where you go through half the game w/o getting hit, then someone walks in and says HEY and your like game over in 5 minutes.

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    Nut punch what that, that and nothing Check me sig.
    NOW THATS a NUT-Strike!!
    "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. - Albert Einstein"

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