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    Dudes! How do I beat Green Eye? (Lost Planet)

    Hey fellas! Help me out!

    I'm S T U C K!!!

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    Ahh, to beat the green eye...

    All I can say is use all of your skills, especially the skating and jumping... Make sure you always have a rocket launcher on one arm, and when there are no more, use the machine guns.

    Above all, be aggressive! Don't let its size intimidate you. Once you've taken out the green things on the side, a bunch will appear on its head. Shoot that enough and it will become one giant scab. Keep shooting at it...

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    Memorize his movement! I died enough that I knew where he was going to go everytime, just go the opposite way and fire when he stops moving. (You do know to shoot the thermal energy on his side, then the four on his head, then the big thermal energy on his head, right?) He will start going crazy just shoot all the ice he shoots and avoid him at all costs. He WILL die! If you think Green-Eye is hard, wait until you face the final boss. He is definately a "controller thrower". Rep if this helped you please...

    Im back.

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    LOL the green eye. Yeah thats a Hard one. Anyways, you got to use the ledges to dodge him. But manuvering on those ledges use alot of thermal power from jumping and skating. So shoot out those thermal tanks sparringly (youll find those all over the ledges) to regain more thermal power. Anyways to attack him, you gotta shoot out the green spots on both sides to open up his main weak spot.

    It will help to stand on the ledge on the middle of the room so you can use the wall to dodge that ice rain.

    It does take lot of skill to work him!
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    easy...clever maneuvering with your mech and he won't be much trouble also if you want easier grab the rocket launcher located by the energy tanks.
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