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    A Few Points

    Hello all! A few announcements...

    1) The staff and I have changed the settings so that skill points are only gained on posts made in gaming topics. We felt that too many people were taking advantage of the General section, for example, by making tonnes of sub-average posts and reaping lots of skill points for it.

    2) There will be stricter moderating on bad posting. There are too many people - not mentioning any names - who maintain a poor average post quality and this will be dealt with in future. In future try and refrain from making short, pointless posts as there is risk of skill level deduction. Another serious problem is the level of tangents people are going off on. For example, in the Xbox 2 vs PS3 thread people went off and started talking about phpBB/vBulletin for a while. This is only one example of the top of my head - there are plenty of more, and it needs to stop. Its okay mentioning points related to the topic at hand, however sending the thread off into the abyss of irrelevance is not appreciated. Deductions shall be warranted for this. Conversely, if you see this happening and make a mention such as "Keep on topic guys!" and then go on to make an interesting and useful post to get things back on track then you shall be rewarded for that.

    3) Skill point rewards shall proactively be given for excellent posts. Make a good, well written, factual and interesting post that a staff member notices then you'll likely get skill point bonuses for it. Key point - not NOT pester the staff asking to look at posts to review it for quality bonuses, that will not help you at all. If you made a post and wasn't rewarded then fear not - maintain the quality posting and you're guaranteed to get those skill points.

    Thats all. I hope you don't take this as us getting up-tight and boring, its not that all. The forums are snowballing which is great, we just need control the growth so this place stays fun for everyone!

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    11 New Virtua Fighter 5 screens

    11 New Virtua Fighter 5 screens
    By: Justin Pinter

    New screens have been released of upcoming PS3 title Virtua Fighter 5. This next gen title showcases many different fighting styles including Kung-Fu and Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling. So anyway, onto the new screens:

    Here is where you can get the images: ... =0&thold=0

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    Could you possibly create the 80x80 thumbs, and upload them all to the server?

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