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    In the spirit of the holidays....

    Many people celebrate theirs with the lights that they will hang by the awnings of their homes. Sometimes an entire neighborhood joins together as a group, sometimes they compete, but of all things, I have never seen anything as impressive as this awesome presentation of light and sound

    Man if I were competing I'd probably wanna take down their entire house.
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    [LIVE]New Resident Evil 5 DVD featurette

    Ready shortly.

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    Well, at least we got a little footage.

    Looks like Capcom are reusing assets from RE4; the enemies have the exact same movement/death animation as they do in RE4. They also 'melt' like the Ganados did.

    I really hope Capcom won't have all that Las Plagas bollocks in this game. C'mon guys, bring back the zombies!
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