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    Dark Sector - MMOFPS

    Most of you have probably heard of the next generation game called "Dark Sector". If you go to sites like say IGN or GameSpot, and read what info they have about DS, you'll see they say it is a stealth action adventure/FPS, etc. Dark Sector had peaked my interest, and I figured I'd look around Google to see if I could find out more info about Dark Sector as there doesn't seem to be much coverage on it. I then came across this website. That article was posted over 5 years ago.

    I'm still trying to find out more about DS so I can be more sure about this, however my best guess is that Dark Sector has been in development for a long time and for whatever reason wasn't made and is now being made for the next-gen. Here is the current official site for Dark Sector. There really isn't much info about the game there, really just a bunch of links to places where you can download trailers. If you look at the bottom of the page it says "Everything that you know about Dark Sector is probably wrong.". And I could see why, I mean, there really isn't that much coverage on Dark Sector, and I doubt the big gaming sites have seen that Darker Sector website and that article about the MMOFPS plan, and so they are only going off of what they have seen from the E3 trailer, and of course the people who visit those websites would probably assume as such about the game.

    Now if you go back to and look on the front page you'll see a few months ago back in May (Very near when E3 '05 started) there was an article posted with a link to a trailer for Dark Sector. Obviously this would mean the website isn't dead (Or at least wasn't dead), and so do you think this could mean the plan for DS as an MMOFPS could still be happening? I wouldn't be surprised if there was already a thread about Dark Sector posted, but I doubt it was about the MMOFPS part of it. Like I stated previously, there really hasn't been that much coverage on Dark Sector, and I think it deserves more gossip, especially if that MMOFPS plan is to be. And from gathering all of this, DS doesn't appear to be some MGS ripoff, but rather a possibly innovative, mainly online game.

    Your thoughts?


    Dark Sector E3 2005 Trailer 1

    Dark Sector Trailer 2

    Dark Sector Trailer 2 Narrated

    Dark Sector Trailer 2 HD (High Definition)


    Feel free to add more to this thread in regards to links, images, things of that sort.

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    Game ideas and concepts change overtime. A lot of games originally aim to be new genres completely with new things never done before in any game, but end up scrapping the ideas due to complications.

    Im saying im doubting you, but that we dont really have any NEW news to go by yet. For all we know it might be third person now? Not sure.....I dont personally like MMO games, but I do like FPS games and I thought the few seconds of Planetside that I watched my friend play was kinda cool. I played Tribes and Tribes 2 a lot back in the day and I always wished it was this big giant server with people from all over the world. Everyone had a jetpack and kit and woulda been brutal....but I guess the Tribes guys that quit and made Planetside screwed Tribes: V sucks.

    I hope that Dark Sector becomes something cool though and not a great idea that turns out to be bad because of bad developers. It also looks like it will be a launch title seeing as how much "cutscenes" they have done already. That HD Trailer 2 was released how long ago? Im crossing my fingers that this game is a launch title and is indeed a great load of fun. Im not into sneaking games but this may change my mind!
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    [WIP] Killzone 2 to have a new competitor?

    I just downloaded the latest gameplay trailer for Metro 2033: Last Refuge and it looks amazing. Compared to what we have seen on Killzone 2, this new title Metro 2033 looks up to par.

    Here is my idea...basically a comparison feature:

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    Yeah looks good, go for it.

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