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    Anyone seen the trailer for the new Mission Impossible movie? Just checked it out and I'm hoping it's more like the first movie, rather than just like a generic action movie. Even though it does still look spiffy, granted Tom Cruise has been teetering on the edge of insanity lately... but, still! Any thoughts on the series or how you think it'll be?

    PS: ...If they ever happen to make a MGS movie and used American actors, I do think Cruise sorta looks like Snake, well, after watching Collateral, I did.
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    I just saw the trailer and it doesn't look very interesting to me. Here is the link the the tailer.

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    I dont care at all about this movie. Its like Batman they should of stopped after the 2nd since Michael Keaton was of course the best Batman. They just keep trying to milk things out too much!

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